Whether working on behalf of a large corporation, bootstrapped startup, or friend, Wendy’s experience, creative thinking, and willingness to take on new challenges make her a formidable PR professional. In my experience, Wendy is a good connector and outspoken advocate for the clients she represents. Perhaps most importantly, she is generous, thoughtful, and effective.

Andrew Wang
Managing Partner
Runnymede Capital Management

Wendy Glavin is a real-life superhero. Her mind moves faster than the speed of light accessing the infinite quantum field to identify your strengths and vision to reach people. My advice to you is to hire Wendy. Then, shut-up and let her do what she does better than anyone else.

Jason Demchok
Founder and CEO
Jason Demchok Consulting

In working with Wendy she proved to be an excellent communicator and a great resource with regards to the intricacies of social media. I also found her to be concise and forthright in developing new marketing channels for North Country Smokehouse.

Mike Satzow
Founder, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing
North Country Smokehouse

Wendy is very effective at what she does. I highly recommend working with her.

Kent Barnett
Co-Founder and CEO

Wendy is a thoughtful person that really cares about her work and she will go the extra mile to exceed expectations.

Jeffrey Berk
President and Chief Operating Officer

We invited Wendy to give a speech at our Company. She matched exactly our expectations and was able to engage the audience deeply involving everybody.

Andrea Cassissa
Inport/Export Management

Wendy is a diligent and creative PR professional who is committed to achieving great results.

Kevin Miller
LiveCode, Ltd

Hard-working and innovative is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Wendy. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Wendy on the Autism project, which she was relentless in promoting. Above all, I was impressed with Wendy’s ability to open doors. She would be a true asset for any position requiring public relations and marketing and comes with my heartfelt recommendation.

Todd Fabacher
Digital Pomegranate

Wendy Glavin was my senior vice president for both Katz Creative, Inc., a public relations firm, and, our ghostwriting and book publishing division. She was with me for a period of two years before she branched out on her own. I found Wendy to be meticulous, highly creative, and unstoppable in finding solutions to any and everything. She is up for any challenge and literally produces miraculous results that keep clients happy—and loyal, which of course is the name of the game!

Among the projects she worked on with and for me were extensive social media outreach, branding for book authors, which included art direction for their new websites, design of their book covers through her own creative efforts, and supervision of graphic designers. Wendy was also fearless in reaching out to traditional media by internet and telephone and booked numerous radio and TV shows. She taught herself how to work the complexities of Cision and then taught those skills to various staff members. In short, Wendy is a “get it done gal” with decisiveness, integrity, and vision.

Anyone who works with her will reap the same benefits that I did!

Judy Katz
Book Collaboration, ghostwriting, entrepreneurial publishing and book promotion

Wendy is a go-getter! She’s well versed in social media, media relations, and overall marketing. She’s great at keeping her clients apprised of opportunities and results and is definitely a professional at her job. She’s also diligent at staying ahead of marketing trends and tactics. Wendy is a true asset to her profession.

Amy Fuhlman
Marketing Manager
Delta Data

Wendy is a consummate experienced professional. She is a true media expert and works collaboratively to ensure that all involved understand her strategic analysis and goals. She is patient, open to questions, suggestions, and always spends time to understand the topic product and customer (which people rarely do). She has a positive, upbeat attitude and I have thoroughly enjoyed working with her. And most importantly she knows her stuff!

Elsa Cantu
Global Product Marketing and Demand Generation Lead

Wendy, who I originally met through mutual friends in the public relations business (we have several), has served as a guest speaker at Marist College. I brought her into my public relations writing course this past semester and the students were wowed by her thoughtful, informative presentation. Many marveled at how much they learned about the marketing communications, PR, advertising, social, and digital media professions, but the one word I heard the most was “inspirational.” If you’re looking to work with someone who has deep knowledge, you owe it to yourself to speak with Wendy.

Filomena Fanelli
Impact PR & Communications, & Adjunct Prof., Marist College

I had the pleasure to work with Wendy for the last three years and it has been an amazing experience in all aspects.

Sharing projects with someone that has been in the PR industry for so long, it has been a great professional experience. On top of all her extensive knowledge about marketing and branding areas, Wendy offers something that is completely invaluable to every project. Charisma, brightness, and a nonending desire to help others with everything she does. Thanks a million!

Basil Duke
Web Designer
Madison Performance Group

You have come up in conversation many times over the years in this context: I am at work and someone wants me to sit in an interview with a job candidate. They know of my sixth sense about hiring because they have heard the story of when I hired you. People were coming in with these amazing portfolios but nobody felt right. Then you came in with nothing to show… You said everything you worked on at GE was confidential. But you definitely had something the others didn’t. I told Janet I wanted to hire you. You ended up being fantastic and went on to work for one of the biggest pr firms in the world, Burson Marsteller. That’s the story I tell. I’m still good at hiring.

Regina Ziffer
Elkman Advertising and Public Relations

Working with Wendy has not only been helpful and informative, but it has also helped me to gain more perspective on forming a marketing niche, and in figuring out who I specifically want to work within my private practice as a psychotherapist. Wendy has a down-to-earth, and warm approach. I felt that she engaged me in conversation while assisting me in figuring out the direction for marketing and for my website. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in marketing to a target audience

Katherine Lee, LCSW
Katherine Lee, LCSW, PLLC

As a soon-to-be College Graduate, Wendy was extremely helpful, reliable, patient, and caring, in helping me prepare myself for the working world. She spent countless hours helping me revise my resume as well as explain strategies for marketing myself to future employers. I was very impressed with her professionalism and desire to help me succeed in all career paths. What particularly made Wendy stick out was how much she cares about your success following her sessions. She takes time out of her busy schedule to make sure I am following through with resumes, cover letters, and job applications while always making it clear to me I can turn to her with any questions or concerns I come across. With graduation approaching, I now feel much more confident in what lies ahead knowing I have Wendy by my side.

January 12, 2014, Henry was Wendy’s client

Henry Eff
Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Therapist
The Keswell School

Wendy is an incredible professional! She has an innate ability to access your current social media presence against your goals and analyze how to homogenize the two. Wendy was able to quickly steer me towards immediate steps to improve my social media and small, manageable changes to make that would move me towards my goals regarding niche market and voice. I strongly recommend Wendy for your business!

Sarah Hipps
Founder and CEO
Fullaro, LLC

I have known Wendy since first grade!! We reconnected after college and have remained great friends ever since!! Wendy is a determined, smart, creative, and amazing friend. She is always there when you need her. Through thick and thin Wendy is there. She will be successful at whatever she pursues!

Robin Gordon
Associate Broker
Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Fox and Roach Realtors

Wendy was an eager, professional, and irreplaceable resource for me in my search for employment. Not only did she listen intently and provide advice, but she went far above and beyond with actions to help me achieve my goals.

Tye Stien
Research Associate