Decode Your Value

Decode Your Value

One Hour & One Session with… 

Wendy Glavin
Marketing & PR Strategist

Get Ready to Unlock Your Brand Offering

New Service to Decode Your Value

During these unsettling times, I want to help as many professionals, startups, and brands to define their value in a commoditized marketplace. If you have a product, service, a new idea, are looking for a job, or you are considering a new career path, then I’ll help you explore how you can be successful in one-hour.

One hour seems like a short period of time. However, I’m here to advise you because I’ve spent my 30-year marketing communications career learning the strategies to decode and identify your value offering.

If you’d like to take advantage of this opportunity, then I’m ready to share actionable insights and resources that will help you to move forward.

Here’s a resource to get you started. I’ve created a Decode Your Value Life Skills Tree. You can download the worksheet to begin the decoding process, which begins with looking back at your life experience to look ahead.

I’m excited to provide this service and look forward to hearing from you!

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