Career and Life Skills Coaching

If you’ve been laid off, are unemployed, considering a career change, starting your own business, or feel lost, learning what makes you unique will help you uncover transferrable skills. Other worries may include AI and other technological advances, staying relevant, lack of skills, age barriers (too young or old), and financial constraints. When you use the Decode Your Value process it will help you overcome any self-limiting beliefs. At the onset, this might feel like a lot of work, but becoming more self-aware, will help you identify your hidden skills.

Your journey begins with identifying your core values to determine what’s important to you. Then you’ll deconstruct your background, personality, experiences, relationships; the combination of which are distinct to you. Gaining a broader or more holistic perspective of yourself will help you embrace change and identify new opportunities.

My 30-year marketing communications career has been circuitous. From working at General Electric, Burson-Marsteller (now, BCW) and for other agencies, I ran a global retail business while raising my three sons. As a consultant, I worked with startups, for a publishing firm, and for global and national agencies. Once I became a published writer and speaker, I created Wendy Glavin Agency.

Regardless of what’s preventing you, instead of living your life on autopilot, becoming more self-aware helps you manage your emotions, become more self-confident, improve decision-making, free you from your assumptions and biases and create new avenues to advance your career and life. 

Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

Gain insights and create new avenues to advance. Most importantly, you’ll create the career and life you want. Wendy offers both one-on-one, virtual and group coaching.

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Business Consulting

Personal and professional branding is the key to standing out in our competitive, hyper-connected, digitally-centric world. Your brand is multifaceted and unique to you. All it takes is becoming more self-aware. When you use the Decode Your Value process you’ll recognize the values, knowledge, skills, and experiences you’ve gained throughout your life. These and other characteristics represent your true brand potential. But understanding and defining your brand is just the beginning.

The true opportunity lies in applying this knowledge to your career and life. To start, think about what you loved doing when you were young. Are there any skills you have that can be used in different ways? For example, if you played sports, you learned teamwork which is one of the top ten in-demand skills. Or maybe you studied communications, another needed skill with the acceleration of emerging technologies and generative AI.

For small businesses, startups, and entrepreneurs, after completing the Decode Your Value process you’ll know what makes you unique. Then you can develop or refine your product or service using the same process to create your unique value offering. From there, you’ll research your competition, identify your target market, and develop your marketing strategy, social media mix, challenges, and goals.

Whether you want to advance in your career, make a change, launch your startup, or grow your business, with 30-years of experience, Wendy will support and guide you throughout your journey toward a more meaningful and purposeful life. Whatever you hope to do, Decode Your Value is the roadmap to get you there.

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Why book Wendy?

  • 30+ years of marketing, PR, and social media experience counseling senior-level executives, small businesses and startups
  • Agency owner – Wendy Glavin Agency
  • Speaker interviews with Executive Diary, Runnymede Capital’s Inspired Money, Ethical Voices, Inbound Back Office, Money for Lunch, The Tim & Jim Show, Marketing for Your Future, Agency Hacker, Digital Agency Insiders, Going Boldly: Marketing with Russ, Titan Business Builders, BluHorn, Founders Three Six Seven, Canopy Cast, Titan Business Builders, Next Action, Catalytic Leadership, Nuts PR Spotlight, Art Legends
  • Guest lecturer at Northeastern University, Baruch College, Fordham University, Marist College
  • Wendy Glavin Agency Wins 2022 Stellar Business Award for Marketing Agency Excellence in New York
  • Global Judge at BitAngels/CoinAGENDA Global Pitch Competition
  • Judge at PRSA and Girls Scout App Pitchfest
  • Published writer for CommPRO and technology columnist at


I’m glad to hear Wendy is continuing her coaching efforts to help people, starting with the Decode Your Value template. When using it, I found it to be an opportunity to reexamine my efforts. I enjoyed having Wendy as my guest on episode 15 of the Going Boldly podcast! She has enough energy to fill up another 10 episodes single-handedly!

russ the big guy
Russell L. Swanger III AKA Russ The BIG Guy
Founder and Lead Facilitator
Improv FUNshops/Improv SKILLSshops

Working with Wendy has not only been helpful and informative, but it has also helped me to gain more perspective on forming a marketing niche, and in figuring out who I specifically want to work within my private practice as a psychotherapist. Wendy has a down-to-earth, and warm approach. I felt that she engaged me in conversation while assisting me in figuring out the direction for marketing and for my website. I would recommend her to anyone seeking assistance in marketing to a target audience.

Katherine Lee, LCSW
Katherine Lee, LCSW, PLLC

Wendy Glavin is a real-life superhero. Her mind moves faster than the speed of light accessing the infinite quantum field to identify your strengths and vision to reach people. My advice to you is to hire Wendy. Then, shut-up and let her do what she does better than anyone else.

Jason Demchok
Founder and CEO
Jason Demchok Consulting

We invited Wendy to give a speech at our Company. She matched exactly our expectations and was able to engage the audience deeply involving everybody.

Andrea Cassissa
Import/Export Management
MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Wendy, who I originally met through mutual friends in the public relations business (we have several), has served as a guest speaker at Marist College. I brought her into my public relations writing course this past semester and the students were wowed by her thoughtful, informative presentation. Many marveled at how much they learned about the marketing communications, PR, advertising, social, and digital media professions, but the one word I heard the most was “inspirational.” If you’re looking to work with someone who has deep knowledge, you owe it to yourself to speak with Wendy.

Filomena Fanelli
Impact PR & Communications, & Adjunct Prof., Marist College

Wendy Glavin was a guest on The Catalytic Leadership Podcast, which I host. She shared her Decode Your Value process and how her coaching helps people uncover their unique competitive advantage. With her extensive background and expertise, her insights were valuable to my audience and me. If you’re looking to make a change, I guarantee Wendy will help you move forward.

Dr. William Attaway
Executive Coach
Catalytic Leadership LLC

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